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Summer Herbal Remedies

Without a doubt, every season has its unique challenges and ailments. Summer – in all its glory – is no exception. Be ready with these summer herbal remedies!

People are always surprised to hear that Ehris and Velya don’t wear sunscreen and purposely don’t use any products that contain SPF ingredients.

This mother/daughter duo believes the sun gets a bad rap!

Think about this: Skin cancer rates are rising – despite more sunscreen use, and reduced sun exposure in recent decades.

If sun exposure is so dangerous, why didn’t humans die out thousands of years ago from cancers caused by the sun?

Assuming that prolonged exposure does cause skin cancers, then lifeguards, farmers, highway workers, landscapers, construction workers, and park rangers should all have the highest rates of skin cancer. Whereas, in fact, it’s the opposite. They have lower rates than office workers and people who work indoors.

Ultraviolet B (UVB) is the ‘healthy’ wavelength that helps your skin produce vitamin D. Most sunblocks containing SPF filter out the beneficial UVB, not the potentially harmful UVAs. So, wearing sunscreen may prevent you from burning, since getting too much UVB is the main cause of sunburn. But, even with sunscreen on, you still receive a large amount of UVA. And, UVA rays are always there, even on cloudy days. 

This means that when you use sunscreen, you’re eliminating any chance of raising your vitamin D level.

In addition, besides preventing vitamin D production, sunscreens are problematic for other reasons as well. Many contain toxic and/or hormone-disrupting ingredients, which go through your porous skin directly into your bloodstream. 

Velya and Ehris share a number of tips for dealing with sun exposure. For instance: eating foods rich in saturated fats and Omega 3s like salmon, cod liver oil, flax seeds, walnuts, avocados in order to prevent sunburn.

Along with the sun, summer also bring ticks!

In Connecticut (the home of Lyme disease), it seems like everyone has had Lyme or knows someone who has. The allopathic approach to Lyme disease treatment in adults is a 10 – 21 day course of the antibiotic doxycycline. However, a growing body of research shows that this treatment is insufficient, if not completely ineffective, for cases of chronic Lyme disease.

Velya and Ehris recommend and discuss an effective botanical protocol for healing Lyme, and share their chemical-free herbal tick repellent recipe.

DIY Herbal Survival Kit Remedies:

  • You’re Smokin’ Hot Sunburn Gel
  • Ticked Off Herbal Ticked Repellent

Keep your sunny side up!

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