What should I grow in my medicinal herb garden?

Does the thought of spring get your green thumb tingling?

Are you exploring medicinal herb gardening? Do you feel like you’re in a foreign country? Are you confused about where to start or how to navigate this new territory?

Imagine growing your own medicinal herbs for your own herbal remedies!

“. . . but where do I begin? How do I even start growing a medicinal herb garden?”

It’s the question many people ask, normally out of fear of getting it wrong, or growing something that could poison themselves or their family.

Without a doubt, the right herbal “superstars” can treat common ailments. For instance: colds and flu, inflammation, minor cuts, infections, pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, poor digestion, and insomnia.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and want to plant all of the herbs you’ve researched!

We share 11 of our favorites that are all easy to grow, do well in virtually every climate, and have a variety of medicinal benefits.

In short, we’ll teach you:

  • which parts of your herbs to use for remedies.
  • how to harvest, dry, and store herbs
  • how to make herbal infusions, or “tea with a mission”
  • and, how to fearlessly jump into the herbal world!

Starting your herb garden isn’t as overwhelming as you may think – and spending time in a medicinal herb garden is healing by its very existence!

Once harvest time comes, you’ll discover that there’s nothing more rewarding than growing a medicinal herb garden, and making your own herbal remedies from the ground up!

 Did you know?

  • Peppermint was included in a list of plants to take to the New World. In Elizabethan times, mint was known to treat over 40 different ailments.
  • Knights competing in jousting tournaments drank borage tea to strengthen their spirits. Today, in fact, we know today that the plant stimulates the adrenal glands, encouraging the production of adrenaline – the fight or flight hormone.
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