Herbal Survival Kit

Be prepared for what comes your way this winter with an herbal apothecary!

Disinfectant-holics spray their go-to toxic cleaning products on toys, doorknobs, furniture, counters, in bathrooms, and in “sick rooms.”


If you’d prefer to hit the green road, these herbal survival kit recipes are antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, don’t have to be rinsed off, and all ingredients are pronounceable.

Ehris and Velya will teach you how to make three natural, effective DIY remedies to dropkick a winter bug before it even takes hold (or at least shorten its duration).

Think of each one as a shield, a piece of armor against colds, flu, bacteria, viruses:

  • Chemical-Free Hand Sanitizer
  • Plague-Be-Gone Roll-On
  • Nix-the-Vicks Herbal Vapor Rub

Chemical-Free Hand Sanitizer

Our alcohol-free, chemical-free Hand It Over! Hand Sanitizer is naturally antiviral and antibacterial because of its cocktail of essential oils. And, you won’t be spreading toxic ingredients on your biggest organ—your skin—which also happens to be porous. This product isn’t a replacement for soap and hot water. It’s a great option for getting you through tough spots when soap and water aren’t around.

Plague-Be-Gone Roll-On

During the Dark Ages, it’s believed that many thieves and graverobbers protected themselves from the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) by wearing scarves around their faces dipped in the oils of secret powerful herbs.  Roll Plague-Be-Gone on pulse points at the first sign of a cold or sore throat. It can also be used as a preventative. During cold/flu season, Ehris and Velya never leave the house without putting this behind our ears and on our wrists. They think of it as their bodyguard!

Nix-the-Vicks Herbal Vapor Rub

Why use synthetic, harmful ingredients your body can’t recognize (like turpentine oil and petrolatum!!), when there are totally comparable, truly natural alternatives readily available? Nix the Vicks!

Why make an herbal survival kit?

Since time began, plant medicine – the science of using herbs and natural remedies – has been the world’s primary form of promoting health and treating illness.

You can stay healthy when everyone around you gets sick! Antiviral herbs/ingredients, along with a strong immune system, can make all the difference.

Build your wellness herbal apothecary, breeze through the winter with your herbal survival kit, and be ready to enjoy spring!

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