Dare to be a Green Witch

Discover the joys of embracing a more earth-friendly, natural lifestyle with this extraordinary guide to becoming a green witch. Written by a mother and daughter who both embody this holistic path, Dare to be a Green Witch provides everything you need to get started, including dozens of recipes and remedies, entertaining stories from the authors, and the history of these practices.

Join Ehris Urban and Velya Jancz-Urban on a journey into the green witch’s world. You’ll explore herbal infusions, fermentation techniques, pantry essentials, natural body and facial care, and more. You’ll also learn the many uses of fire cider, tonics, essential oils, collagen, and bone broth. From creating an herbal sleep pillow to energy cleansing, Dare to be a Green Witch shows you how to use nature’s gifts and enjoy holistic wellness.


Blurbed by famed herbalists Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed!


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What's a Green Witch?

Green Witches value and consult the earth, trees, plants, and stones for their healing properties. Some Green Witches talk to fairies and practice spells – this isn’t how Velya and Ehris roll.

Living the green witch life means choosing to live your life and heal your body through natural remedies. What’s unique about this way of living is observing everything as a whole. Ehris and Velya don’t look at sickness and automatically think it’s something physical—they observe the entire picture. Those who are in the best health actually heal their body from the inside out. They take care of the inside first, and then the outside follows. Many people focus only on the things they see and try to treat their hair, their skin, and their teeth from the outside. Fuel your body well. If you eat junk, you’ll feel like junk.

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Praise for Dare to be a Green Witch

A gem of a book!

I was intrigued by the title of this book while browsing through Amazon and I am so happy that I made the purchase. The authors not only enlighten you to many different recipes for internal and external use they also offer in depth research that collaborates everything they are presenting to the reader. I will definitely keep this on my shelf to be used as a reference for future use.

~ Anne Evans

So much to learn and love!

I feel absolutely "in~love with these two Incredibly Amazing Women with their Zooms during Covid. I couldn't wait for this book to come out--I ordered it so far in advance. I am totally devouring each and every page as I learn from all their sharings. I have underlined, highlighted, made notes, and bookmarked soooo much. You will love everything about Velya and Ehris as much as I do -- Promise! xo

~ Mary Ann Deverell


An invaluable resource!

Just what I was looking for to begin my journey into healthy holistic chemical free alternatives . This book has tons of great easy to follow recipes , everything from home remedies , anti inflammatory, immune boosters , food , hair , skin. I’ll be saying a big goodbye to all those store bought items. that have ingredients I can’t even pronounce. Not only are the short stories in between engaging and well written ,they are honest and real .I ended up buying their other book , “How to survive a Brazilian betrayal” and I can’t wait to read it ! This mother daughter duo will make you laugh and cry in between all the useful information & recipes .Don’t let the title or any “not so kind reviews” (from those who probably didn’t even read the book or not a verified purchase ) deter you , it’s not about being a witch or casting spells , or other false information that some reviewers wrote , this is a guide to wellness and holistic healing with short stories of their personal experiences . You will not be disappointed!

~ R. Simmons

A must-have for anyone wanting to live a better life

This book is a masterpiece!! Many people don’t understand the true definition of the term “Green Witch.” They imagine witchcraft or spells and the like. But the true definition of “Green Witch” denotes someone who lives a healthy lifestyle in tune with mother earth. One who takes and uses from the land to promote the greatest harmony well-being and bountifulness of their life. And these two women teach us through their words, recipes and stories how we too can bond with our energy to a cleaner, healthier life. They use what is naturally provided to us to heal so that we don’t have to conform to other treatments that may cause further harm to our bodies. I am also a registered nurse and feel this book has hit the nail on the head. And many people will benefit from this book. Well done ladies!

~ Sydney Sherman

Everything I hoped it would be...and more!

There is nothing quite like holding your guide to holistic wellness and healing within the palms of your hands. DARE TO BE A GREEN WITCH by Ehris Urban and Velya Jancz-Urban is everything I had hoped it would be as a valued resource and more. The pages contain a plethora of research that is experience based and well-documented. I consider myself especially fortunate to have had the opportunity to make fire cider in the authors’ 1770 CT farmhouse as well as to participate in other interesting and engaging workshops. I have seen firsthand how they embody a truly holistic lifestyle. Enthusiastically, Ehris and Velya share the chance to explore nature’s gifts with you in DARE TO BE A GREEN WITCH. From honey to herbal infusions, from flower essences to fermentation and from passion to pantry, this meticulously crafted guide, highlighted with history and humor, will enlighten you. It’s all there in “one honey of a resource.” The labor of their love in print and publication.

~ Susan Jahnke